Sea and Shore Trade Services

Sea and Shore Trade Services

Sea and Shore Trade Services

Sea and Shore Trade Services

Sea and Shore Trade Services

Sea and Shore Trade Services

Welcome to Sea and Shore Trade Services

We provide all necessary services to roll out your business in Europe.

Our aim is to help your business expand. Through our services and products we want to support all global businesses to reach their potential growth.

Explore the various kind of support available to help your business grow.

SSTS Diesel+ Fuel additive Energy and CO2 savings

SSTS Diesel+ advanced enzyme-based biological solution for increasing fuel efficiency and reliability. In fact, by adding SSTS Diesel+ to the fuel the quality improves so the combustion is better.

The international shipping industry is responsible for the carriage of approximately 90% of world trade and is vital to the functioning of the global economy. Even though it has been recognized as the most carbon efficient mode of commercial transport, it is still responsible for 2.7 % of CO2 emissions. By using SSTS Diesel+: • fuel savings 7% • CO2 reduction 7% • less particulates 35-50% • cost efficiency 300%

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Big Bags

BIGBAGSDIRECT.COM is the largest producer of bigbags in The Far East, and now also your supplier for all bigbags throughout The Netherlands & Europe. All our products are, if needed, individually customised to our clients specifications.

Our factory produces monthly more than 900.000 bigbags & 10.000 bulkliners. Our sales-office is located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. To maintain our standard of high quality we are especially focussed on quality management. Our local dedicated quality inspector makes sure all manufacturing processes are being executed complied to our ISO-guidelines, and according to our clients specifications and demands.

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Bio Plant Solutions is owner of the BCT product range, the company BCT is established in 1992 with the main focus on ecological fertilizers in the true meaning of the word.

The products are allowed to be used by growers for EKO/BIO growth and in biological certified crops like Skal. We are the first company that can supply the full fertilizer package on ORGANIC basis, not only NPK but also all the trace elements that are essential for the plants. The BCT products can be used in all business area’s like Open field, Semi protected, Protected systems, Soil and soilless systems.

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Commodity Trade and Bulk shipments

The commodity trade division focusses on a wide range of commodities in different countries.

With our London office we are close to the market and we are able to provide all support to facilitate commodity trade.


The core business of wholesale importers is to develop new products and search for products in far east, Africa and South America. This value chain or procurement needs a long finance time cycle that restricts the volume in buying power. Sourcing better value for money and financing your goods from factory until arrival is where Sea and Shore Trade Services is specialized in.

We help you source and / or finance your goods in the best way possible using our agency network in 125 countries in the world. So you can invest your time and money where you are specialized in your products and your clients. Selling better value for money and enlarging your purchase volume without resitrictions in finance or factory capacity due to covid or logistical limitations.

Sea and Shore Trade Services bv is your strategic financial and operational service partner.

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